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We are specialists within insurance law, data privacy, dispute resolution, corporate, e-commerce and contract law. Apart from the fact that several of our competences are unusual at the Swedish market, we differ from others through our approach to our clients and coworkers. Our main driving force is to simplify and create values in the practical reality of our clients. We work best when the whole team thrives and therefore participation, respect and a sustainable work environment are basic values of our business. We strive for a personal and professional approach, with strong commitment and involvement in our clients’ businesses.


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2023: Data Privacy and Data Protection testimonials
‘The practice group consists of a number of talented young lawyers led by the firm’s managing partner Anna Lööv. The team is flexible and provides solid legal advice.’

‘Anna Lööv has deep knowledge within the data protection field. She has excellent communication skills and can reach out to a broad range of individuals. She is also highly available and provides hands-on legal advice with good market knowledge.’

‘Stellar team with Anna Lööv as the outstanding leader, no other lawyer comes close as to her skills and business mindset in the area of privacy and data protection law.’

‘Kompass is a niche firm with high integrity, skilled partners and strong reputation within the insurance industry and the data protection area.’

2023: Insurance testimonials
‘A law firm with a familial atmosphere with a genuine team and individuals that are very nice to work with. The team at Kompass Advokat have very good skills in this specific legal area and are highly synced with the need of the client. They are able to give a high standard of legal counselling along the way from junior to more senior and partner levels.’

‘Anna Lööv stands out. She is very engaged, knowledgeable, commercially minded and gives very sensible advice. We feel very confident with her assistance in issues related to insurance, including outsourcing arrangements. She guides her team very well and we have appreciated the assistance we have received from her team members.’

‘Partner Kawin Mårtensson has a personal approach and professional knowledge and experience in insurance and pension foundation matters that’s hard to find among competitors.’

‘They understand our business and are nice to work with.’

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We have extensive legal experience in virtually all matters that may arise in the insurance industry. We also assist other financial entities with various types of advice. Among us are employees with a background as a corporate counsels at insurance companies and counsel at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s insurance department. Our strength lies in our in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of our clients’ operative climate and business conditions. We have extensive experience in staffing various types of functions and roles at insurance companies, e.g. general counsel/company counsel and the compliance function.

Privacy and personal data protection

Employees at Kompass Advokat have assisted clients with advice in data protection and personal data management since the nineties. Several clients have appointed us as external data protection officer (DPO) for their business. We have developed special methods to ensure compliance by companies and organizations with current data protection regulations. We apply a risk-based approach with a focus on identifying and proposing measures to handle deviations from the regulatory framework without unnecessary interventions in the day-to-day operations. Through our broad experience in helping clients in a range of different industries, we can achieve a combination of legal analysis and business considerations that makes us unique in the market.

With our expertise comes an ability to tailor solutions in accordance with the client’s needs. We are used to acting as external corporate counsel and as a sounding board for the client’s legal department for longer periods. For larger projects, we can take on the role of project manager or expert competence, depending on the client’s needs. With our pragmatic approach, we make it easy for companies and organizations to adapt their operations to a complex set of regulations.

Dispute resolution and supervisory matters 

We assist clients in connection with commercial disputes, claims and settlement negotiations, in and out of court and in arbitration proceedings. We also provide advice in the initial stages of disputes and claims. We also help analyzing contracts and related issues before a dispute arises. Other assignments include drafting claim letters, settlement agreements and handling other dispute related correspondence.

We are used to producing litigation overviews and together with clients assess which cases should be pursued in court or arbitration, and which cases where other solutions should be sought, such as an out-of-court settlement. We have worked in the claims department of insurance companies and know how we as a law firm can assist insurance companies in a practical and efficient way. Our employees also have work experience from the general courts, administrative courts and the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Corporate, e-commerce and Contract Law

With a strong business focus and extensive experience in legal advice, we provide ongoing operational support to companies, primarily with a focus on general association law, commercial agreements and e-commerce. We advise companies and associations in matters concerning corporate governance, restructuring and reorganization, capital protection, minority shareholders protection, directors’ liability and other corporate law issues.

We draft, negotiate and review different types of commercial contracts, for example cooperation agreements, general terms and conditions, letters of intent, shareholders agreements and service agreements.

Our services also include the following areas

Marketing law, IT and innovation, corporate counsel services, real property law and legal educations.

We are Kompass Advokat

Anna Lööv
Managing partner and founder, head of data protection and finance regulatory
Insurance law, data protection and privacy, technology, innovation and e-commerce, marketing law, commercial contracts
+46 708 49 94 98

Cecilia Berg 
Dispute resolution, insurance law, insurance claims and recoveries, corporate law, commercial contracts
+46 763 01 60 12

Johanna Fahlén
Office support
+46 8 25 26 50

Johannes Spansk
Senior associate
Insurance law, compliance, sustainable finance, corporate law, commercial contracts
+46 735 10 85 34

Karolin Karlsson
Partner, head of dispute resolution 
Dispute resolution, insurance law, insurance claims and recoveries, corporate law, commercial contracts
+46 730 58 48 86

Kawin Mårtensson
Partner, head of insurance and compliance
Insurance law, compliance, sustainable finance, data protection and privacy, commercial contracts, IT, dispute resolution, maritime and transport
+46 721 43 65 68

Lina Sandmark
Senior associate
Data protection and privacy, insurance law, dispute resolution, corporate law, commercial contracts
+46 722 25 92 55

Lisa Nordbeck
Data protection and privacy, insurance law, commercial contracts
+46 763 01 71 60

Malin Atran
Insurance law, dispute resolution, data protection and privacy
+46 8 25 26 50

Rebecca Larsson
Insurance law, data protection and privacy
+46 703 09 26 53

Sofia Lundquist
Insurance law, dispute resolution, corporate law, commercial contracts, insurance distribution
+46 763 07 85 30

Viktor Tunón
Data protection and privacy, corporate law, dispute resolution
+46 705 28 00 21