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We are specialists within insurance law, data privacy, marketing law, trademark, corporate and contract law. Except that several of our competences are unusual at the Swedish market we differ from others through our approach to our clients and coworkers. Our main driving force is to simplify and create values in the practical reality of or clients. We work best when the whole team thrives and therefore participation, respect and a sustainable work environment are basic values of our business. We strive for a personal and professional approach, with strong commitment and involvement in our clients’ businesses.

Insurance law

We assist insurance companies in all legal issues that may arise in an insurance business, from corporate law, insurance business law and product law to regulatory matters. We assist in drafting and reviewing insurance policies, internal instructions, cooperation agreements with insurance brokers, outsourcing agreements portfolio transfer agreements and provide advise regarding corporate governance and internal restructuring matters. We also provide legal analyses regarding insurance law matters.

Data Privacy

Our data protection compliance package provides clients with large customer databases and listed companies an assurance of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and associated Swedish regulations. We also provide day-to-day advices regarding our clients’ personal data processing and assist in contacts with the Data Inspection Board. We have extensive experience in data protection issues in the financial sector. In addition, we assist other law firms with data protection related questions that may occur in connection with mergers and (due diligence).

Marketing Law and E-commerce

We provide reviews and feedback on marketing campaigns of different industries, including banking and insurance, to ensure compliance with the Swedish Marketing Act and other regulations. We also provide advice within e-commerce. We have extensive experience of the application of marketing law in the financial sector.

We also have extensive experience of the specific issues that need to be handled in terms of purchase and sale on the internet and advise on both the marketing teams and special laws relating to e-commerce, distance contracts, electronic communications and personal data management.

Corporate and Contract Law

We advise companies and associations in matters concerning corporate governance, restructuring and reorganization, capital protection, minority shareholders protection, directors’ liability and other corporate law issues.

We draft, negotiate and review different types of commercial contracts, for example cooperation agreements, general terms and conditions, letters of intent, shareholders agreements and service agreements.

Our services also include the following areas

IT and innovation, corporate counsel services, real property law, legal educations and dispute resolution.


We are Kompass Advokat


Anna Karin Pettersson
Technology and innovation, marketing law, trade mark law, data protection and commercial contracts
+46 725 55 59 04

Anna Lööv
Partner and founder
Insurance law, data protection, technology and innovation, marketing law, commercial contracts
+46 708 49 94 98

Artur Ogelid
Senior Associate
Insurance Law, Occupational Pensions Law 
+46 763 13 21 96

Johannes Spansk
Senior Associate
Insurance law
+46 735 10 85 34

Kawin Mårtensson
Insurance law, data protection, commercial contracts
+46 721 43 65 68

Kelly Norrthon
Insurance law  and data protection
+46 8 25 26 50

Lina Sandmark
Senior associate (currently on parental leave)
Data protection, insurance law, corporate law and commercial contracts
+46 735 31 57 38

Matilda Englund
+46 8 25 26 50